Mia Air it the subcompany of "MIKROPOR" - world's leading manufacturer of air filters and air pretreatment systems.

By purchasing the Mia Air purifiers and removable air filters, you trust in the 30-year experience of professionals in air purification industry and get guaranteed filtration quality.

"MIKROPOR" company located in Ankara (Turkey) was founded 1987. Since its foundation Company produces the equipment for the market of industrial air filtering including compressed air dryers and filters, gas-turbine filters, en-gines filters, dust collectors, clean rooms and HVAC systems. "MIKROPOR" started from the manufacturing of high-quality air-oil separators and developed its business that allowed to reach new positions at the international market of air and liquid filters. At present moment "MIKROPOR" recognized as real industrial leader.

The special pride of the "MIKROPOR" company is the loyality of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers. In the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of air purification is critical. The "MIKROPOR" HEPA/ULPA air filters operate for many years at the pharmaceutical plants: Pfizer, Novartis International AG, Sandoz, Zentiva, Menarini Group, Sanofi, Deva, Blilim Ilac and others.

High performance HEPA/ULPA air filters and Mia Air removable filtering elements made by "MIKROPOR" undergo the complete quality control, from testing of raw materials, filter materials, construction reliability and checking the effectiveness of the assembled product. Each HEPA/ULPA filter is tested for filtration efficiency at the Company's own test bench, which complies with the requirements of EN 1822: 2012 and ISO 29463 stadards. Each set of HEPA filters for Mia Air is marked with a unique number that can be checked online for confirmation of product authenticity.

All "MIKROPOR" products and systems are certified according to the key international standards: EN 779:2012, EN 1822:2012, ISO 9001, ISO12500, ISO 8573, EUROVENT, PNEUROP, ASME, PED and other.